Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid Have Split

Two of Hollywood’s most charming people have broken up. He is a former boybander and now solo singer with an appealing look and mesmerizing voice, and she is a model with a stunning smile and remarkably gorgeous image. He is Zayn Malik and she is Gigi Hadid. The two have now broken up after seven months of dating.

Zayn, whose electrifying, sensual debut album, “Mind of Mine”, released March 25 of this year, is said to have dumped Gigi because he wanted to progress this career. He wants to go in the direction of progressing his music and being single. This, however, has left Gigi reportedly upset, according to Lauren Cox at The Hollywood Life.

As Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, two of Hollywood’s biggest names in music and two of the  dazzling stars in Hollywood, split recently, Harris did say in a Tweet that what was left was “respect” for each other. Zayn and Gigi can very well get back together, so there is hope that these two young celebrities can rekindle this flame. Gigi is saddened by this and Zayn is being spotted in places already.

This time, it does not seem like the break up was mutual and that one party was damaged irreparably while one party simply did what they did. It is understandable that Zayn wants to focus on his status in music, but Gigi seems left forlorn by this.

Zayn is promising, as his first single off of “Mind of Mine”, “Pillowtalk” gained radio play and mainstream success. His album overall is impressive and Gigi is strikingly beautiful and is definitely a name in modeling and mentioned with her best friend, Kendall Jenner, often. Whether the two do get back together or not, the handsome couple was active in posting photos of their bonding online, which is something to remember when looking back on these seven months.

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