Zayn Malik posts Instagram Photo with Gigi Hadid

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are now definitely a couple. An adorable photo of the two was posted on Instagram today with the two cuddling up together. A seemingly sleeping Zayn gets a kiss on his cheek by girlfriend Gigi Hadid.

The two had splits from other celebrities this year, Malik from ex-fiancée  Perrie Edwards and Hadid from singer of band DNCE and actor, Joe Jonas. Malik also split from boyband, One Direction earlier this year. Although these splits happened earlier in the year, the two are ending the year with a new relationship, with each other!

According to Joyce Chen’s article on US Weekly online, Hadid and Jonas’ busy schedules are what mainly lead up to their split. Since the two are celebrities, they must only be seeing where this goes. Nonethless, this is a big thing! It is their first photo shared together as a legitimate couple. Thanks again social media for keeping us up-to-date on famous gossip and relationship news this way!

According to Kendall Fisher on E Online, Hadid’s friends were uncertain and questioning about the relationship, since they believed that Malik was not  “her type of guy.” They also pointed to the idea that Zayn is awkward and Hadid shut these statements down, urging the world to “Let live” and not to be judgemental basically about others’ lives. When it is about a celebrity we do tend to get inquisitive and a bit instrusive, don’t we now?

Nonetheless, the beautiful couple looked charming in this picture that confirmed the two are an item. Some will refer to this as a “rumored” or “alleged” couple, but guess what? It is undoubtedly Instagram official.

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