Zayn Malik Slams Naughty Boy for leaking 'No Type' Music Video

Zayn Malik Slams Naughty Boy for leaking ‘No Type’ Music Video

Zayn Malik and Naughty Boy’s collaborative efforts might be kaput.

The former member of One Direction had been working on music with the producer who released a demo of Malik’s on SoundCloud following a Twitter spat with Louis Tomlinson. Malik and Naughty Boy had previously shown a united front on Twitter, with Malik even taking a shot at Tomlinson when his former bandmate poked fun at Naughty Boy in a subtweet.

But in a series of tweets on Monday, Malik slammed Naughty Boy for leaking a clip of the music video for Malik’s cover of Rae Sremmurd’s “No Type.”

Naughty Boy uploaded the unfinished music video footage on his Snapchat on Sunday evening, featuring Malik singing against a black-and-white backdrop with Krept & Konan providing the rap verses. You can watch the leaks in question below:

We first heard a version of Malik’s cover last month when British rapper Mic Righteous leaked an unfinished cut of the track. Like Malik’s demo “I Won’t Mind,” the “No Type” cover was removed from SoundCloud almost immediately.

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