Zayn Malik Writing an Autobiography!

Think of how much Zayn Malik has done since leaving One Direction. He broke off an engagement, started dating a gorgeous supermodel (Gigi Hadid), released a solo album, you name it! Now to add to that list, he is writing a memoir.

With the singer being a tender age of 23, you would wonder what he has to say, but considering he is such a celebrated name and has done so much after leaving a boyband, I personally believe he may have ample things to say. He is iconic for so many things, and his style is one of them.

We can celebrate that or his raunchy song lyrics that are still very catchy. Sure, the 23-year-old charmer has his own ideas and his thoughts that he seeks to translate to paper in an autobiographical approach, but there are questions, pressing questions that is, that still plague the hearts and minds of curious and eager fans.

Who knows what is in store and how exhilarating this memoir will be? Of course, I can imagine he will focus on his mainstream success and his solo career. The question I am  still obsessively concerned with, but maybe not as much as others, is why did he leave One Direction?

Who is Zayn  and can this book work to break all of the premonitions and prejudices that fans and people that are certainly not fans, have of him? By this I mean how people say Zayn seems like a jerk or that he seems conceited.

No doubt, his career is taking off already with a commendable, meticulously enjoyable album already out. We shall see what is in store with this book! Reportedly, the book will surface November 1 of the year!



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