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10 Reasons Why You Should Not Go to Pakistan

Pakistan is a total dystopian wasteland with nothing to see and do. The media shows it as a country filled with low-class individuals and terrorists, so that’s what it must be, right?

The mosques are just so boring and mundane.

Wazir Khan Masjid

They don’t have a sense of fashion and the industry is just traditional and outdated.

TOTALLY traditional // Aaron Huey

The lack of culture makes it so uninviting and boring. It’s just not vibrant and energetic.

Punjabi people dancing in a Pakistani folk show

And the people are probably all secretly terrorists or something. Pakistani’s just look so emotionless and rude.

Celebrating Pakistan Independence Day

I doubt there’s even any scenery!

Gilgit Balistan

Like none at all.

Don’t even get me started on the terrible food.

And the sweets? Disgusting and no variety at all.

I doubt they even have nice restaurants.

Little Asia Cuisine
Lahore, Pakistan

Everyone is just SO traditional!!

But hey, if you don’t believe me then take it from Marcel Bandur from the Tribune.

“What I had always gleaned from the media was that Pakistan was a country mired in terrorism and religious extremism, and was a highly unsafe place, especially for foreigners. Stories about how women were treated in the country were just as dismal. In stark contrast to these images, my Pakistani friends exuded warmth and wit; they were generous, well-meaning and easy to relate to. My curiosity about their country often led me to lengthy discussions with them. Their advice to me was that the only way to truly understand Pakistan was by paying it a visit.”

So the next time you plan a trip overseas, definitely don’t go to Pakistan. It’s unsafe and quite frankly boring. It is 100% what the media portrays. Right to the T.

*please note sarcasm*

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