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4 Things to Consider Before Painting Your House Exterior



4 Things to Consider Before Painting Your House Exterior

Painting the exterior of the house may seem an exciting and fun task to do, but it is equally challenging as well. Every homeowner spends a significant amount of money on keeping his house up-to-date and trendy. Painting the house is one of those investments. However, before even start painting your house there are a few things you need to put into consideration. Trust me! These small things can make a huge difference. We don’t want your money, time, and effort to go all in vain. That is why we’ve mentioned a few things that can help you achieve those flawless and well-painted exterior walls. To learn about them, be sure to read this article till the end!

  1. Clean Slate before Painting

We understand you must be getting excited to see your house in a new coat of paint but do you know there will be a lot of work to be done before even starting painting? The pre-painting preparations include getting rid of debris, broken-down paint residue, and dust from the walls. For removing mildew and cobwebs, you need to scrub the exterior walls of your house thoroughly. It will allow fresh coat of paint to lay down smoothly on the walls. However, this task may require any professional residential painting in Gold coast service as they usually go in with pressure washers and such equipment to wash the walls.

  2. Choose the Right Color Palette

Picking a palette for your house is the best part of the entire project. Whether your house is made of cement siding, aluminum, vinyl, brick, wood, stone, etc. take into consideration which color tone will complement the material. According to experts, cooler tones go well with wood finishes while earthy shades complement stone materials. Choosing the right color that goes out with the architecture and material of the house is essential. If you are hiring contractors to get the painting job done, then they’ll help you pick the right shade and tone of the paint.

  3. Do a Test Patch to Try Out Color

You’ve decided some paint colors, but which one will look good on the wall? To find out do a patch test first. Pick those three colors that you think will look the best and buy a pint of each to test them. Prime your walls and paint a small area to see if it matches well or not. Priming the walls is important as it allows the paint to stick well and prevents it from peeling plus the paint will appear in its truest color in the least coats. Take a few days to test how the color looks and then decide on the one you feel look the best.

  4. Track the Weather

beginning your exterior paint. You don’t want it to pour on the day of painting, right? Moreover, you’ll have to track if the weather is going to be too hot, cold, or humid on the set date. Make sure you are choosing the day perfect for painting as the weather will determine how well the paint adheres to the surface. Once everything is sorted out, all you need to do is to start painting!

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How to Hire equipment



How to Hire equipment

Doing some construction work, moving heavy objects, need to deal with a heavy object and higher places in your new project, you need some heavy equipments. If you cannot buy an equipment, contact us for access hire in Melbourne.

In Melbourne, we provide the renting service for heavy equipments that are useful to carry loads and to reach the height, which is some essential work while doing some constructing projects, or we also provide warehouse facilities by providing equipment to move a heavy object. We are known as “DURALIFT.”

What equipments do we rent? 

You are provided a large range of full use equipment. The equipment offered is made up of the best quality material, and there are options available in some features of many types of equipment. The types of equipment offered are:

Duct lifts: made up of portable material, the lift is good for construction and industrial work. You can easily move objects to and from the shelves by the equipment. It has 2.18 stowed and available in a range of 5.1-7.32 working height.

Vertical lifts: vertical platform lifts or wheelchair lifts are best to overcome the difference between heights. They are available by the company with many variations. You can choose any of your choices according to your work requirement.

Scissor lifts: they are used for accessing difficult to reach areas. The criss-cross metal support elongated to raise the platform. The lifts are available on rent with many variations on the site. The features may vary according to height, width and working width of the equipment,

Boom lifts: it is an aerial work platform use for high area work. They are also available on rent in many variations you can select in accordance with your work requirement. 34-60 ft. Work height equipment is presented.

Forklifts: construction field need to move heavy objects, and that cannot be done manually. Forklifts are heavy trucks to move the objects. The range available for rent can move 2-3 tons. There are some accessories used for with the trucks are also available. 

Telehandler: they can be said as boom and forklifts combination they can move heavy objects from a height. The available telehandlers can deal with 2.5 to 3 tons.

Pallet jack: to work with some heavy objects in a factory or warehouse, you can use a pallet jack. It is available in a range of 5.1-7.32 working height.

And many more:

Many accessories are also available for rent which is used with the lifters.

Why not buy the equipment?

If you need the equipment for long-term use or the job need to have to own the equipment, you can buy them. But if the use is not long termed, you do not have the budget to buy, or “to purchase” is not the requirement, then you can easily access the equipment on rent.


There are many sites, which offer renting facilities, but DURALIFT is one of the best to contact because they provide the product with the best quality. They offer many types of equipment with further range availability. You can trust the company, the equipment, and the service for your project.

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