Pikachu parade dance during Pokemon World Festival 2017

A Pikachu Mascot Made a Scene After Deflating Twice During Dance Parade

The Pokemon World Festival 2017, which transpired last week at Songdo, South Korea, has made an unexpected scene as one Pikachu mascot deflated not just once but twice during its parade dance.

Pikachu deflated during dance parade
Source: Buzzfeed, Youtube.com

The celebration of Pokemon festival this year called much attention in the internet. A YouTube user uploaded a five-minute clip of the parade dance, which turned into an unforeseeable one.

The video became a trend just recently despite of being uploaded days ago.

As seen in the video, the Pikachu mascot is still jiving to the music for almost a minute, but on 1:09, it starts to move awkwardly and to look distorted.

Pikachu, what happened?

Some of the staffs immediately yanked the mascot out of the stage to fix it.

The dance performance somehow turned into a “disaster,” but nonetheless, the show must go on. The other Pikachu mascots continued in dancing like nothing happened.

Now, that’s what you call a “good focus.”

In 4:35, the deflated Pikachu is ready to get back in the stage being assisted by the staffs; however, it seems like the odds are against the mascot as it deflates once again.

What a poor mascot…

The parade dance ended with a laughing crowd and leaving the mascot no chance to return.

It is undeniable that Pikachu is adorable, but this cutie needs to have more work on how he would handle himself during a dance performance.

Good luck for the next time, buddy!

Background information

Pikachu is a fictional creature in the anime Pokemon. It is the first Pokemon under the care of the series main protagonist Ash Ketchum, who went to a quest to become a Pokemon trainer.

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