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Founded in 2015 by Alexis Sostre who has more than 10 years of experience in the online media industry, is apart of the new generation of credible publishers and content creators. As Editor-in-Chief, he specializes in new media technology, audio visual editing, and helps numerous college students find employment. Sostre News is the destination for news and content offering coverage of US Politics, Entertainment, Sports, Tech, Culture, Business and World News.

Sostre News gives readers a 24-hour news publication that will keep them informed of all the events that are shaping their world. In 1 year, Sostre News readership has grown to more than 500,000 unique visitors per month and draws more than 700,000 monthly page views. Stay informed by subscribing to daily emails, liking Sostre News on Facebook and following @sostrenews on Twitter.

Editorial Staff:

Jennifer Palma: Senior Editor 

Karina Rose: Editor / Social Media Manager – Karina Rose is a young writer from Southern California currently contributing to and running online blogs ranging from entertainment, news, to creative arts. Working for and interning with filmmakers and social media personalities she hopes to continue sharing her unique perspective and original content.

Jesse AndersonWriter – Jesse Anderson has written extensively about legal matters and current events. She offers fresh perspectives on controversial issues and consistently reports objectively on notable political cases. Anderson grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and frequently volunteers for organizations like Civic Works, RAINN and Kids Against Hunger. She hopes to change the face of politics and make a positive impact on the world around her.

Alexandra Balevre: Writer – Alexandra Balevre is a creative writing student at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. An admirer of coffee, music, and poetry, her middle name is not Starbucks. However, you could probably find her inside one writing one these articles.

Umar Siddiqui: Contributor – I am currently a student at the University of California, Riverside majoring in Media and Cultural Studies. My areas of interest in studies are mainly communications, journalism, media, and cultural/ social issues. My hobbies are music, creative writing, fashion, friends, social activism, etc. I am a very sociable person who is outgoing and opinionated; making my opinions known is important to me.

Atziry G.: Contributor – My name is Atziry Garcia and I’m from Dallas, Texas. I’m a journalism major in the making, who enjoys blogging and taking photos on my free time. I enjoy writing about all topics including fashion, film, books, feminism and music among many. My other hobbies include doing yoga, going on long walks and developing film. I’m a proud hipster who enjoys anything vintage and under the radar of the mainstream.

Montrell ChandlerContributor – Recent University of Missouri graduate. English major with love for anything sports, fashion or music related. Favorite artist is Kanye West, and favorite writer is Ta-Nahesi Coates. Currently resides in Rocklin, California but hopes to live in a big city one day as a writer/journalist covering the most important news.

Jennifer Li: Contributor

Alia Knight: Contributor


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