VIDEO Adele Calls Out Fan Filming Her Concert in Verona, Italy

VIDEO Adele Calls Out Fan Filming Her Concert in Verona, Italy

Note to self: Don’t try filming an Adele concert.

The pop superstar took a moment during a show Sunday in Verona, Italy, to call out a fan who had set up a tripod in the audience.

Ironically, another fan was also filming, and Adele’s words to the tripod-user were caught on camera and uploaded to social media.

“Can you stop filming me with a video camera?” Adele asks the woman. “Because I’m really here in real-life. You can enjoy it in real-life.”

“This isn’t a DVD,” she adds. “This is a real show, and I’d really like you to enjoy my show.”

The audience cheered and applauded the Academy Award and Grammy Award-winning artist for taking a stand.

Social media users were also quick to support her response:

Watch the video BELOW.

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