Almeda smith

I come from very humble beginnings, writing is my passion, my outlet to express myself, I want to share my unique perspective on life, share my wisdom gained from my life experiences.

May, 2017

  • 22 May

    “The Depravity of The Human Condition”

    "The Depravity of The Human Condition"

    Driven with out love and purpose we lack the necessities to sustain human life. Through eyes of apathy homelessness is normalized as a chosen way of life...

  • 18 May

    “Human Trafficking The Silent epidemic”

    Atrocities rob people of all walks of life of their civil liberties and personal freedoms. billions of people are sold in to human trafficking, their identities blotted out and altered.

  • 16 May

    “Why do we Ignore pain until it can no longer be Ignored”

    "Why do we Ignore pain until it can no longer be Ignored"

    Pain is the opposite of relief, people tend to pacify it with simple ineffective solutions that subsequently compound the problem. it is our human nature to shine it off, unconcerned with the potential ramifications of allowing it to remain untreated, slowly progressing in its intensity pain forces you to take action at this point your nerve endings are on fire, your discomfort can no longer be ignored. your mobility is compromised, eclipsed is your effectiveness, and your ability to complete day-to day simple tasks...

  • 9 May

    The phenomena of Radical Millennial

    The phenomena of Radical Millennial

    This radical generation of millennials, are controlled by the spirit of rebellion. naturally they rebel against humanity, authority, discipline.many are products of a single parent household, suffer from strained parental relationships...

  • 9 May

    “Internet Trolling”

    "Internet Trolling"

    Drive and purpose, give birth to new technologies social media platforms, serve as an outlet of interpersonal connections.