Atziry G.

My name is Atziry Garcia and I’m from Dallas, Texas. I’m a journalism major in the making, who enjoys blogging and taking photos on my free time. I enjoy writing about all topics including fashion, film, books, feminism and music among many. My other hobbies include doing yoga, going on long walks and developing film. I’m a proud hipster who enjoys anything vintage and under the radar of the mainstream.

August, 2016

  • 1 August

    Warpaint Announce New Album and Release “New Song”

    Warpaint-the Los Angeles indie band announced new album Heads Up and released track ,"New Song" today morning. The track titled New Track ,sounds a lot like '90s disco,dream pop ,electronica dance music.It's is definitely a new turn about for the band who is known for their softer alternative ,ambien like sound...

July, 2016

  • 27 July

    The Hillary 2016 App To Support The Current First Democratic Nominee To Win The Election

            The Hillary 2016 app created by Hillary for America is designed to help recently nominated official democratic nominee Hillary Clinton win the 2016 Presidential nomination.   The app is designed with special features to help all Clinton supporters do small everyday tasks to help her win …

  • 21 July

    How To Do Photography On The Cheap For New Photographers

    While becoming a photographer can be the most exciting practices to engage in ,it can also be expensive.As camera gear is usually very expensive ,however much of the rest that acompanies it does not have to be.Being a photographer is all about getting creative about the resources you got and …

  • 13 July

    The Famous Martin L. King Quote Being Shared On Social Media

    The Famous Martin L. King Quote Being Shared On Social Media

    The famous Martin Luther King quote has been shared constantly on social media outlets following the recent cop shootings in Dallas and the killings of black victims in the hands of cops...

  • 9 July

    The Evolution of Album Cover Art Over The Years

    The earliest,most iconic album artwork started at a time’ 60s counterculture music  came about and has progressed over the years to include different aesthetic styles during the change of decade.     Iconic artwork such as Andy Warhol’s famous pop-art of a stark banana for The Velvet Underground’s first album …

June, 2016

  • 26 June

    Model Alexa Chung Urges Followers To Sign Referendum in Tweet

    Model Alexa Chung Urges Followers To Sign Referendum in Tweet

    Alexa Chung, British model ,TV presenter ,and fashion editor at Vogue urged her followers on twitter to petition current results of European referendum ,if they were infact "unhappy" with results...

  • 24 June

    Brexit : A Bad Idea For The U.K.’s Economy

    Brexit : A Bad Idea For The U.K.'s Economy

    Brexit(British Exit)-- refer to the recent U.K. referendum by British voters to leave the European Union could have a wide impact in the U.K. and the world's economy.

  • 20 June

    Films That Make Adolescence Less Painful

    Films That Make Adolescence Less Painful

    1) Angus,Thongs and a Perfect Snogging This film addresses the pains of growing up and going through those awkward ,awful teenage years in life. The struggle of fitting in a looney school that glorifies popularity in the figure of the skinny,blonde fake barbie girl dominance.The terrifying infatuation and anxiety one …

  • 14 June

    Recalling X- Girl the ’90s Riott Grrrl Inspired Label

      X- Girl was cofounded by stylist Daisy von Furth and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth during the ’90s as a side project with Eli Bonerz ,cofounder of X-large-Boy clothing line .It was first established in lower New York during the ascension of significant fashion names like Calvin Klein and …

May, 2016

  • 30 May

    Some of 2016’s Most Avant-Garde Albums

    Some of 2016's Most Avant-Garde Albums

    This has been a colossal year for anticipated new album releases from avant-garde music talents.  This year has everyone covered, from comeback artists from the ‘1990s to recent favorites , to final studio albums releases.   David Bowie On January 8,David Bowie released his final studio album Blackstar, his farewell …