Introducing the Topman and Nasir Mazhar Collaboration

Introducing the Topman and Nasir Mazhar Collaboration

Nasir Mazhar , a grime designer worn by the likes of Rihanna, is adding to Topman’s range of collaborations. With a bubbly, full-of-joie-de-vivre take on streetwear, Mazhar has several pieces that can be combined into outfits, in this collection.

According to sources, like Jamie Carson of, the collection consists of ten streetwear staples. These include a not-too-intricately embellished sweatshirt, a manually hand-painted tracksuit, even double-layered shorts, and others. Of course, the shorts feature the words “Nasir Mazhar” on them. They also feature interestingly enticing colors, such as baby pink and powder blue. The other colors in the collection are shades—black and white.

The dynamic and accessible collection is priced at an estimated $31 to $102 and is also being marketed similarly in the UK.

Nasir Mazhar launched his first show at the 2013 London Fashion Week catwalk and his unique themes, concepts, and vibe resonate with eccentricity. He has worked on the grime scene since 2012 and was given the honor of creating headdresses for the clubbing scene at the London Olympics’ opening ceremony, according to’s blog.

According to that blog, Mazhar really wants for consumers to own his pieces in their wardrobes. He wants to engage with consumerism playfully, as it seems, and in his own words in a way that is “exciting” and “accessible.” He plays around with diversity and reflects on age, like that of teenagers, who he feels are “energised but also boisterous.”

The collection will be available online starting September sixth and in certain, selected stores September eighth.

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