VIDEO McKinney Texas Pool Party Police Officer Identified Will Be Fired

McKinney Texas Pool Party Police Officer Resigns

Days after a video that turned into a web sensation online demonstrated him yanking a 14-year-old swimsuit clad young lady to the ground and kneeling on her back, Eric Casebolt has resigned from his post as a corporal for the Police department in McKinney, Texas.

The video presented on YouTube demonstrating the police response to reports of battling at a pool party started quick claims of racism. Critics decried the white officer for cursing at a few black teenagers, hammering the young lady to the ground and unholstering his firearm.

Protesters walked Monday over the incident in the Dallas suburb. Insulted folks requested the officer’s firing.

At a public interview Tuesday reporting Casebolt’s resignation, the city’s police chief called his activities in the video indefensible.

“Our approaches, our preparation, our practice, don’t bolster his actions,” Police Chief Greg Conley said. “He came into the call out of control, and as the video shows, was crazy amid the occurrence.”

​Officials beforehand had said Casebolt was on administrative leave as police explored what happened. Since he has chosen to leave, the internal affairs investigation is shut, and its too early to say whether he’ll face charges over what happened, Conley told journalists.

“We’re proceeding with an examination. We are keeping investigating all the claims that are being displayed to us, and any piece of a criminal examination in regards to anybody will set aside a matter of time for us to work through each one of those affirmations and those individuals who have approach to us to gripe,” he said.

Casebolt’s lawyer has not reacted to requests for comment.

Indeed, even as challenges mount, a few witnesses have praised the way Casebolt took care of the incident, as significantly different account rise of whether race played a part in the circumstance and its outcome.

‘It’s the first step’

Tatyana Rhodes, who was hosting a get-together at the pool Friday before police arrived, said tensions were running high after a racially charged fight broke out there. It began, she said, when two white ladies told a group of African-American high schoolers they ought to leave and “retreat back to their Section 8 homes.”

One of the ladies, she said, smacked her in the face.

However, Rhodes said the cop took things too far.

“He didn’t need to utilize aggression,”

Presently, she says she’s happy he has stepped down.

“I’m happy that he’s leaving,” she said. “I feel that everybody in McKinney will feel better that he’s leaving. … It’s the first step

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