Russia Hacks into Information on Trump

Russia Hacks into Information on Trump

Russian hackers broke into the DNC’s cyber networks. In doing so, they successfully stole information and research on the Democratic Party’s opposition: Donald Trump.

The Washington Post reports that the hackers accessed the DNC’s investigative database on Trump. In addition, they all DNC email and chat traffic was attained.

DNC Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida stated, “When we discovered the intrusion, we treated this like the serious incident it is and reached out to CrowdStrike immediately. Our team moved as quickly as possible to kick out the intruders and secure our network.”

However, CrowdStrike reports that Russian spies have successfully gained DNC database access for the past year. The Cyber Security company’s Co-founder Dmitiri Alperovitch told NPR, “They infiltrated the DNC’s network last summer and were monitoring their communications, their email servers, and the like.”

The Washington Post reports that the hackers accessed the DNC’s investigative database on Trump in addition to all DNC email and chat traffic.

Trump’s personal, donors, and financial information were not attained by the hackers. This grounds the attacks as political espionage and not criminal in nature. Shawn Henry, the CEO of CrowdStrike, stated on MSNBC that “what we saw is two separate intelligence efforts by the Russian government or operating on behalf of the Russian government. We didn’t see any evidence of organized crime.”

Lacking cyber security is not only at the DNC. A blog on CrowdStrike’s website states, “[Russians] last year successfully infiltrated the unclassified networks of the White House, State Department, and US Joint Chiefs of Staff. In addition to the US government, they targeted organizations across the Defense, Energy, Extractive, Financial, Insurance, Legal, Manufacturing Media, Think Tanks, Pharmaceutical, Research and Technology industries, along with Universities.”

These breaches into the U.S. government should not be too alarming. CrowdStrike’s CEO told the Washington Post, “It’s the job of every foreign intelligence service to collect intelligence against their adversaries.”

And besides, the U.S. government probably does the same thing to Russia.

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