S Pen becomes S Pencil - Samsung and Staedtler's Noris Digital

S Pen becomes S Pencil – Samsung and Staedtler’s Noris Digital

Samsung introduced its new Galaxy Tablet S3 and Galaxy Book tablets at the Mobile World Congress. The tablets feature a new version of The S Pen – a special edition Staedtler-branded S Pen called the “Noris Digital”. The Noris Digital is styled to resemble the iconic black and yellow pencil. It is to be issued under a deal between the  Korean Company, Samsung, and a German pencil maker, Staedtler.

The Staedtler Noris Digital for Samsung is as versatile as the S Pen and lets users jot, draw, and write. It comes as an optional accessory for the Tab S3 and Book tablet. The digital pencil  can also be purchased separately.

The Design

Other than a few minor tweaks, the Noris digital is indistinguishable from the graphite-and-wood pencil. It is green and black in colour to differentiate it from the traditional black and gold Staedler pencil colour scheme. The 0.7mm tip is also obviously different. Everything else like the Staedtler stripes, size, weight, and ergonomic feel are very familiar to an ordinary pencil. Which is great for users who will enjoy the slimmer dynamic that makes balancing it in your hand easier.

Compatibility to the S PenSTAEDTLER Noris Digital For Samsung

Old school design aside, the Noris Digital has the ability to detect up to 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity. Just like the S Pen, hovering the tip near the screen will pop up the familiar Samsung Air Command bubble with a variety of features like Smart Select, Translate and Magnify.

What is slightly disappointing is that it is missing the regular S Pen’s button. Without it, there’s no way to use “Screen-off memo” feature on the Galaxy Tab S3. (The Screen-off memo lets you write on the screen without turning the tablet on.)

Neither Samsung nor Staedtler are talking pricing or release yet, but the fact that it looks like a Staedtler pencil is awesome!

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