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Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale Reimagined by Jeanette Winterson



Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale Reimagined by Jeanette Winterson

William Shakespreare’s play, The Winter’s Tale, was his comedy play the debatably was a romantic play also. It is known for the idea that it starts off and in the beginning is chiefly a dramatically psychological play that thrills intensely, and ends being a softer, calmer play.

It is arguable because of the fact that at times, rather at the beginning, it is more serious than in the end.

Jeanette Winterson reportedly has said that the 1623 Shakespearean play, The Winter’s Tale, has been more personal for her. The re-envisioned version of the Shakespearean work is one that in part of the countless reworks of Shakespeare’s legacy to mark yet another anniversary of his death.

There were indeed inquisitions regarding the authorship of Shakespeare’s play and, chiefly, to see if his legacy was really even his. He indeed borrowed from others as is reported by, in the article by Stephanie Merritt. He borrowed plot and fundamentals from others’ works to apply to his own.

Generally, what Winterson has done is made the play, essentially, more clear as the play also make social commentary on motifs and concepts, like time. Her adaptation is an insightful look at this which offers, eminently, its admiration for the deceased playwright. Of course, we cannot overlook how Winterson has adapted the play into a more modern, contemporary version of itself in many ways.

Named The Gap of Time, it also offers commentary on the notion of human’s to path of deliverance. Relocating Shakespeare to modern-day London, this rendition makes clear the emotions exhibited in the play by the characters internally and externally. The play seems to resonate with Winterson, so she  “must have been in a good place to write” says Lucasta Miller at .

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Zayn Malik Writing an Autobiography!

Think of how much Zayn Malik has done since leaving One Direction. He broke off an engagement, started dating a gorgeous supermodel (Gigi Hadid), released a solo album, you name it! Now to add to that list, he is writing a memoir…



Think of how much Zayn Malik has done since leaving One Direction. He broke off an engagement, started dating a gorgeous supermodel (Gigi Hadid), released a solo album, you name it! Now to add to that list, he is writing a memoir.

With the singer being a tender age of 23, you would wonder what he has to say, but considering he is such a celebrated name and has done so much after leaving a boyband, I personally believe he may have ample things to say. He is iconic for so many things, and his style is one of them.

We can celebrate that or his raunchy song lyrics that are still very catchy. Sure, the 23-year-old charmer has his own ideas and his thoughts that he seeks to translate to paper in an autobiographical approach, but there are questions, pressing questions that is, that still plague the hearts and minds of curious and eager fans.

Who knows what is in store and how exhilarating this memoir will be? Of course, I can imagine he will focus on his mainstream success and his solo career. The question I am  still obsessively concerned with, but maybe not as much as others, is why did he leave One Direction?

Who is Zayn  and can this book work to break all of the premonitions and prejudices that fans and people that are certainly not fans, have of him? By this I mean how people say Zayn seems like a jerk or that he seems conceited.

No doubt, his career is taking off already with a commendable, meticulously enjoyable album already out. We shall see what is in store with this book! Reportedly, the book will surface November 1 of the year!



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Today, in 1951, Catcher in the Rye by JD Sallinger was Published



Today, July 16, in year 1951, the novel, Catcher in the Rye, by author J.D. Sallinger, was published. I remember reading the book cover-to-cover in high school for a project and really finding it fun and insightful. The brilliant novel is still popular today, catering to readers timelessly. The reflective and retrospective novel, based on fictional protagonist, Holden Caulifield, is a collective reflection of his feelings of his teenage years, given to his younger sister, Phoebe Caulifield. Since it caters to all speakers of languages worldwide, and 250,000 copies are sold each year, according to the Wikipedia page.

The novel has notably made many lists, including Time magazine’s top 100 novels, entering this list at 25 in 2005. Set in 1949, the novel is based on the 16-17 year old Holden Caulifield and is set in the various schools that Holden has flunk out of. At the end of the novel, readers see that Holden essentially has told the story to his little sister, Phoebe, to whom he gives a hat. Featuring the point of view of protagonist, Holden Caulifield, the novel also features colloquial terms from his teenage years, making the novel more relatable to the common reader that it caters to. The teenage reader can have definitely many interpretations of the novel, and the reader sees the reference made to the title at the end, while children play and mention the “catcher in the rye.” On this roughly 25-year anniversary of the awesome book, you can pick it up and read it, and make sure you do this!

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Book Review: M Train By Patti Smith



Book Review:M Train by Patti Smith


M Train is singer,songwriter,National award-winning novelist Patti Smith’s self-written memoir.Set in eighteen “stations” all around the globe from Europe,Asia to South America.

As Smith sets on expeditions to find the headstones of artists such as writers Osamu Dazai,Sylvia Plath,and director Akira Kurosawa among other ventures like her travel to Frida Kahlo’s Casa Azul in Mexico City,in Mexico. While taking coffee breaks to write and snap photos for what’s to become of this story.

 A story which is not a continuation to 2010, Just Kids ,Smith’s first self-written memoir,as many would have expected.Just Kids was set an earlier time frame between  ‘1960s to early ’70s at the upcoming of Smith’s career and generalization as an artist.A novel dedicated to early lover and friend and artist Robert Mapplethorpe.The story is set in New York, at a time Beat writers influenced a whole new generation of lower class artists such as  Bob Dylan and Smith to became the aspirational artists they are today.

M Train is a big time lapse between her upbringing as New York ,Beat artist to that which Smith has evolved to on this new recollection of dead poets and capital city names. M-Train is a continuation of Smith’s life as an artist ,yet it takes a new dynamic as it remembers her husband , Fred “Sonic” Smith member of rock n’ roll band MC5.

The story only manages to recall family affairs poorly as she only briefly recounts of now grown children and deceased husband,  establishing a tone of alienation and deprived grief for those she has lost.

M Train is a lot like it’s namesake metaphorically,a train recounting Smith’s transitional memorable destination terminals,as well as time span that is briefly reminiscent of the Smith’s past, life periods. The tone is told in a sedimentary ,and poetically manner of prose that makes reading her daily routines admirable.

A novel that holds a theme of lost and redemption of even the dearest material needs which in turn internalize the author’s realization of a deep reconciliation  with what really is of matter in this life.

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