Why Superman is Missing in the 'Justice League' Trailer

Why Superman is Missing in the ‘Justice League’ Trailer

After the full “Justice League” trailer dropped on Saturday, many fans had one major question: “Where is Superman?”

Some said the clip, which features the likes of Batman, the Flash, Aquaman and Wonder Woman, isn’t complete without the Man of Steel.

Although he hasn’t yet made an appearance in the “Justice League” trailers (the first one was released last year at Comic-Con), Henry Cavill, who plays Superman, is listed on IMDB in the “Justice League” cast. So, he’s coming back somehow.

Furthermore, the clip from this weekend was the first to feature Amy Adams, who plays Clark Kent’s love interest, Lois Lane. If you recall from “Batman v Superman,” the Flash travels back in time and mentions Lois is the key to something.

Another teaser at the end of “Dawn of Justice” was the floating dirt on Superman’s grave. This was director Zack Snyder’s best effort to tell fans he’s most definitely coming back. Snyder so far has been mum about these important details.

Snyder did, however, speak to USA Today over the weekend and touched on the imminent comeback of one of the greatest heroes in comic book history.

“It’s hard to have a ‘Justice League’ without Superman. That’s how I feel about it,” he said. “It was always a super-intriguing concept to me to have this opportunity to have him make that sacrifice but also have him be this, in a weird sort of way, the why of ‘Justice League:’ What do you do now with him? What does the team think? What does the world need? All that comes into play. It’s fun for us but it’ll be interesting for audiences what we do with him.”

When Snyder mentions “What does the world need?” he may be referring to the fact that so many in “Dawn of Justice” thought of Superman as a “false God.” In that movie, Batman and others questioned if the world needed this alien at all.

If you go into the mythology of the books, after Superman died at the hands of Doomsday, several men and other types of life forms pretended to be the Man of Steel reincarnated.

None of them ended up being the real Superman, who was recovering at his iconic Fortress of Solitude. He later made his big comeback in the 1990s.

To see if and how he’ll return, fans will just have to wait till “Justice League” hits theaters on Nov. 17.

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