Using Handheld Devices May Cause Young Children’s Speech Delay, new study claims

Using Handheld Devices Cause Young Children’s Speech Delay, new study claims

While technology offers convenience on one’s life, it could also impose negativity on its users especially on children. A new study presents the possible speech delay in children upon usage of handheld devices last May 6 during 2017 Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) meeting...

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Why Google AdWords Isn’t Working For You (Or Vice Versa)

Many organizations find difficulties in gaining ROI through Google Adwords due to their misunderstanding of the tool. This article is specified to startups, even though larger organizations face this issue as well. Many are aware of the solutions such as providing relevant content and offering transparency, making your site easy …

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How To Do Photography On The Cheap For New Photographers

While becoming a photographer can be the most exciting practices to engage in ,it can also be expensive.As camera gear is usually very expensive ,however much of the rest that acompanies it does not have to be.Being a photographer is all about getting creative about the resources you got and …

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Uber Suspends its Services in Response to Gun Violence

Last night, after this week’s deadly shootings made national news, Uber changed its app to have riders “reflect on gun violence” while using the service. BuzzFeed first noted the changes as social media users began circulating messages from Uber early today. The company reportedly paused the app for one minute …

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Instagram Reaches Half a Billion Users

More than 300 million people now use Instagram on a daily basis. It’s total number of users has more than doubled within the last two years alone. It has surpassed other social media giants such as Twitter and now boasts more than 500 million users, 80% of which come from …

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Four New Elements Are Being Added To the Period Table

Four new elements are being added to the period table: Nihonium (element 113), Moscovium (element 114), Tennessine (element 115), and Oganesson (element 118). Scientists in Japan have managed to make the 113th element of the period table, and have named it after the Japanese word for Japan: “Nihon”. Nihonium will be …

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