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VIDEO Bear Gets Inside Bozeman High School Montana



VIDEO Bear Gets Inside Bozeman High School Montana

You can insert your favorite bear pun here, but no matter how you say it, a bruin made a brief appearance in the halls of Bozeman High School early Wednesday morning.

“This is my first ‘bear-in-a-building’ experience. It just kind of landed in our lap,” said Principal Kevin Conwell said.

Around 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, a custodian alerted a group of Bozeman High School booster club members meeting in the school’s south cafeteria to a bear on the football field.

 By the time the group got to the window to see for themselves, the bear had already made its way from the football field to the west side of the building, near the shop area.

An open garage door into the custodial area provided the bruin a perfect place to dart into the school.

Weaving its way past stacks of chairs and desks, extra furniture and other equipment, the bear eventually made it into “long hall.”

“Sure enough, it was right there in the hallway,” Conwell said.

For a couple of minutes, the bear sniffed around the hallway as about 10 students watched from one side and nervous staff members on the other.

“It was pretty skittish,” Conwell said.

As many people do, students and staff got their cellphones out, recording brief videos of the bear’s short visit to the school, videos that spread on Bozeman social media and beyond.

But Conwell added that, while the students were curious and snapped photos and recorded videos, they remained far from the bear.

“They were being careful. They were keeping a good, safe distance,” Conwell said.

While the bear wandered around the hallway, trying to climb up on a locker and presumably looking for some snacks hidden within, staff members started opening all the doors to encourage the bear to get out.

Eventually, the bear found an exit, running west through the grass, across Mandeville Creek and across 11th Avenue, where Gallatin County Sheriff’s Sgt. Brandon Kelly and Bozeman police officer Rick Musson helped navigate the bear south toward Durston Road.

“Sgt. Kelly was instrumental in getting the bear down the hallway and out the door,” Musson said of Kelly, who is also a member of the booster club.

During its short time in the school, Conwell said the bear did not act aggressively and did not damage anything, but succeeded in making the staff and students quite nervous.

“It definitely raised my blood pressure. There’s a wild animal in the building,” Conwell said.

Even when the bear was being herded away from the school by law enforcement, “it didn’t show any sign of aggression,” Musson said.

“It was a nice, pretty black bear,” he said.

Bears in Bozeman are an annual occurrence, but Musson said police mainly hear reports of sightings on the south end of town.

“This is definitely a first for having it in a school,” Musson said.

Bozeman School District Superintendent Rob Watson laughed when asked if a bear had ever been in the Bozeman High hallways before.

“Not that I’m aware of,” said Watson. “I’m sure we’ve had animals in the school before, but I’m not aware of a bear.”

Fish, Wildlife and Parks spokeswoman Andrea Jones said the bear moved away from the area and will be monitored if it returns.

The bear didn’t leave school premises without leaving a little something behind.

How’s the old saying go? Does a bear do his business in the woods? At least in this case, it did in the school’s lawn.

“It left us a nice deposit,” Conwell said.

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Padma Lakshmi’s Viral Fourth of July Pie Featured a Political Message



Padma Lakshmi's Viral Fourth of July Pie Featured a Political Message

Padma Lakshmi used pie to make a political statement during her Fourth of July celebrations this year.

Lakshmi made a berry pie with the phrase “close the camps” written with dough on the top for Thursday’s holiday. The “Top Chef” host and author seemed to be referring to the controversial immigration detention facilities at the US border, which many have compared to concentration camps.

The host, who describes herself as an “immigrant” in her Twitter bio, shared a photo of her dessert with followers on social media, calling it a “truly American pie.”

In a subsequent tweet, Lakshmi urged her followers to contact their local representatives and “demand they #CloseTheCamps.” She also shared an image of herself holding the pie.

Lakshmi’s political dessert got a lot of users talking on Twitter.

Some were even inspired to create their own politically-inspired treats for the Fourth of July.

Other users were less enthusiastic, and some even “fixed” Lakshmi’s pie to better align with their own political views to say “close the borders.”

Lakshmi’s baking project also gained the support of celebrities like Busy Philipps and Amy Schumer, who shared their support on social media.


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Thanks for posting this @padmalakshmi @laurabenanti #closethecamps

A post shared by @ amyschumer on

The “Top Chef” host and author is the latest celebrity to speak out in support of immigrant rights. Stars like Mindy Kaling, Chrissy Teigen, and John Legend have donated their time or money to pro-immigration organizations while condemning anti-immigrant sentiments.

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‘Crazy’ Raccoon Dog Terrorizes Villagers in the UK

A wild raccoon dog has been terrorizing a U.K. village, terrifying locals and attacking pets.

SWNS reports that police were called to Clarborough in Nottinghamshire this week after some residents were subjected to a two-hour standoff with the strange-looking animal.



'Crazy' Raccoon Dog Terrorizes Villagers in the UK

A wild raccoon dog has been terrorizing a U.K. village, terrifying locals and attacking pets.

SWNS reports that police were called to Clarborough in Nottinghamshire this week after some residents were subjected to a two-hour standoff with the strange-looking animal.

Villager Mandy Marsh was woken by a “blood-curdling scream” early on Tuesday morning and her husband Dale ran outside to see a raccoon dog confronting the couple’s pet goat and pony. “He came back and he said to me ‘you are going to have to come and see this, there is something in the field attacking the pony and I have absolutely no idea what it is’,” she told SWNS.

“This raccoon was absolutely crazy. It was hissing and screaming and snarling,” Marsh added. “It was going absolutely mad.”

Armed with planks of wood, it took the couple two hours to chase the angry raccoon dog away, although their pet goat was left with a sore shoulder and scratches following the animal’s attack.

The raccoon dog returned moments later to confront a dog walker outside the March’s home, according to SWNS.

Police have warned local residents to be vigilant.

'Crazy' Raccoon Dog Terrorizes Villagers in the UK

Two raccoon dogs went missing from a nearby enclosure on the morning of May 28, according to Nottinghamshire Police. “The animals, which are described as being the same size of a medium-to-small-sized dog, are potentially dangerous if approached as they are not domesticated,” it added, in a statement.

Marsh said that a local wildlife tracker offered to help track the raccoon dogs and had told her that something had been attacking local animals recently.

'Crazy' Raccoon Dog Terrorizes Villagers in the UK

Raccoon dogs are not raccoons, but are members of the canid, or dog family, according to the U.K.’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). They are related to foxes and wolves.

“Raccoon dogs are wild animals – rather than domesticated pets,” it explains, on its website, noting that the animals pose “a highly invasive risk” to native species in Europe.

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Creator of Viral Twitter Heroin Hoax Shane Morris Starts GoFundMe to Hide From MS-13

Nashville web developer Shane Morris sat down at his computer Monday night, opened Twitter, and tried to go viral.

“Y’all wanna hear a story about the…



reator of Viral Twitter Heroin Hoax Shane Morris Starts GoFundMe to Hide From MS-13

Nashville web developer Shane Morris sat down at his computer Monday night, opened Twitter, and tried to go viral.

“Y’all wanna hear a story about the time I accidentally transported a brick of heroin from Los Angeles to Seattle?” Morris tweeted. “I bet. Alright, let’s do this…”

The story, according to Morris, went as follows: A few years back, he discovered a package of heroin in a van he had purchased. Instead of turning the drugs in, he quickly sold them—making him an admitted to drug trafficker. For a year or so, nothing important happened. But then, the son of the van’s previous owner tried to buy back the van, ostensibly in an attempt to reclaim the heroin. According to Morris, he fooled the son into thinking that the heroin was still there by packaging a copy of John Grisham’s The Pelican Brief and putting it where the drugs had been.

If this wasn’t crazy enough, Morris—still on Twitter—then taunted Salvadoran gang MS-13, claiming that he had tricked one of the gang’s members out of the money with a John Grisham book.

Morris’ tweets were a hit, garnering more than 67,000 retweets and getting aggregated across the Internet. The heroin escapades offered the rare chance Twitter users to share in an experience that wasn’t about a disaster or politics, with one declaring it “the greatest fucking story I’ve ever read.”

“THIS IS ABSOLUTELY WILD,” tweeted New York Times reporter Sopan Deb.

A few days later, though, Morris is reconsidering whether his viral fame was such a good idea. Having taunted a deadly gang, he is now saying the thread was not true.

“I realized, because of my lie, that it’s not fun to fuck with MS-13,” Morris told The Daily Beast.

Morris said that his Twitter thread, which he stresses was a fabrication, has prompted real threats against his life. And so he’s embarked on a separate internet campaign to clean up the mess he created. In a Medium post on Friday, Morris insisted the story was fake.

“Most importantly, I definitely didn’t rob an MS-13 gang member,” Morris wrote. “In retrospect, that’s probably the dumbest thing you can write and put on the internet.”

Morris isn’t the first person to fabricate a Twitter story for internet clout and almost assuredly won’t be the last. In 2013, a Bachelor producer went viral for tweets about passive aggressive notes passed on an airplane, but later admitted it was all fake.

But Morris may be the first to face death threats over his Twitter story, presuming that those threats are actually true themselves. Morris is supposedly in such risk, he said, that he made a GoFundMe page to pay for his disappearance along with his wife. The fundraising pitch is pretty straightforward: “I Need To Go Into Hiding.”

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