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YouGov: Young White British Men are Most Derided Group in UK, Survey Says



Young white British men are the most derided group in Britain, according to a survey that highlights drinking and  drug-taking as their most negative traits.

The YouGov poll found that people expect white British men in their twenties to be the laziest, rudest and the most promiscuous group in the country. It also found that people believe they are the most likely to get drunk and, along with black Caribbean men in their twenties, to take drugs.

Researchers explored people’s attitudes to 48 different groups of men and women in three different age groups and asked pollsters to score them on a set of positive and negative criteria.

White British men were the worst ethnic, gender or age group on five negative traits and the second worst on five positive traits. Their worst trait was seen to be their perceived desire to “get drunk frequently”.

YouGov’s Peter Kellner said: “The people we regard as the laziest, rudest, most promiscuous, drunken drug-takers are white men in their twenties.”  The survey, carried out by YouGov for Prospect, used data from 48 separate surveys. It found that white women in their sixties were the most popular demographic, followed by white men in their sixties.

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Renters in Los Angeles and San Francisco are Paying $1200 a Month for a Bunk Bed in a Shared Space



Would you pay $1200 a month for a bunk bed in a shared space? Renters in Los Angeles and San Francisco are opting for pods in communal home with a desk, locker and personal TV

With the cost of rent continuing to rise, some Americans are taking unusual measures to find a place to sleep.

In Los Angeles and San Francisco, where prices are particularly exorbitant, people have taken to renting bunk beds in communal homes.

PodShare, which provides 10 to 15 co-ed bunkbeds in six locations across California, is hoping to help solve the affordable housing crisis.

The beds can be rented from $35 to $50 a night, which amounts to between $1,050 and $1500 for one month.


Tenants are known as ‘pod-estrians’.

CNN. ‘Sorry. Just make new ones here.’

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Caretaker Ties a Wheelchair-Bound Pensioner to a Tree by The Neck



Shocking footage of a wheelchair-bound pensioner being tied to a tree by the neck by a caretaker has sparked controversy in China.

The caretaker claimed to have no other way but to bind her frail client with a rope because she had to rush back home to deal with family emergency.

Furious onlookers demanded the caretaker free the pensioner immediately. The domestic worker defended her act by calling the incident ‘no big deal’.

The video was reportedly shot in Beijing recently, according to local news outlet

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The pensioner appeared extremely distressed throughout the video and could not speak clearly.

One angry male passer-by accused the caretaker: ‘How would you feel if your daughter treated you like this?’

He criticised the caretaker and said she should bring the pensioner with her.

The caretaker replied: ‘[If I had] pushed her back, she would tell [on me].’

Another female bystander pointed out that the pensioner neck had turned red because of the rough treatment.

After being lambasted by eyewitnesses, the caretaker untied the pensioner and pushed her away.

Authority said the clip had been uploaded onto the social media by residents in a neighbourhood called Nanyuan on the outskirts of southern Beijing.

But they had not been able to identify the exact location of the incident or track down the individuals involved.

Police have been alerted of the video and launched an investigation, according to Beijing Evening News.

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Comforting Shelter Dogs During Fireworks Is The New Independence Day Tradition



“Calming the Canines,” at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MCACC), is a new Independence Day tradition.

Canines last year said that she definitely plans on attending this year, too.

Engel wrote about her experience last year

Some people sang to them, some people read to them, some people just sat there and gave treats! It was so, so awesome because the dogs absolutely love the attention and were focused on the people and not the fireworks going on outside.

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